Well, i just came to print off some work and bumf, the green light turned orange and it started erratically beeping at me. I can't get it to print or run any maintainence programs but I can get it to be recognised on both my desktop and my laptop, so it's not software based. I have tried cleaning it, changing the cartidges and ink tanks, rebooting, reinstalling drivers etc, all to no avail.

if i can't get this damn thing working, what other canon printers use the same cartridges and ink tanks as the 6100? I just bought a load of them and i can't return them ?

PentiumII 400 (Deschutes Core)
Supermicro P6SBA (BX Chipset)
256mb NVRAM
Geforce2:GTS @ 210/402
15gb Seagate HDD (512k Cache)
20gb Maxtor HDD (2mb Cache)
HP 8x4x32 CD-RW
SBlive 1024 Value
Creative FPS1500 4.1 Speakers
Samsung SyncMaster 750s 17" Monitor