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Thread: Windvd

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    I have an Hp 9800 with an 1.1 Ghz anthlon
    it has an pioneer 116dvd 12xmax.
    windvd will plat music cd's, but when I
    put in a movie My machine locks up and I can't do anything,and I have to shut it down at the power source.
    How can I fix this problem?

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    If applicable,
    Install any updates required for WinDVD.
    Configure your system so that the DVD drive is jumpered as Master and see if that helps any.

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    Speaking of WinDVD updates, there's a patch at InterVideo's Taiwan FTP site, which isn't available on the US site. Might be worth a shot.

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    What version of WinDVD have you got, I've never had any problems before. Are the settings ok? Try disabling some of the Hardware features in the Video options.

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    or alternatively try PowerDVD4(supports XP)

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