Weird burn errors
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Thread: Weird burn errors

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    Weird burn errors

    I have a Samsung, about 1 year old. now I load software almost everyday and could not say it is not related to this but the symtoms are just too weird. I have the latest firmware and burn software. CDRW is set to PIO and DMA is off in windows98se.
    Here goes; I can burn a music CD with any of the software I have (easycd, iso,clonecd, fireburn) but when I go to burn a second CD it says it's burning and then finalizing but nthing is on the CD. I have to restart windows and start again. What the @#$#?
    I have plenty of ram (392), 4 hard drives with C having 25 gigs unused

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    Install all patches and/or drivers for mobo, OS and burning software, if applicable.

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    All up to date, latest versions of all burn software, directx8.1, latest highpoint drivers, latest firmware for cdrw. As for MB I refuse to go to the next version of bios as they have disabled ACPI (KT7raid).

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    There are things I noticed about burning software like nero. typically they'll take control of your cD drives unlesss you back out of the program in order to view your cd

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