Middle mouse button not recognised in games?!?!
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Thread: Middle mouse button not recognised in games?!?!

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    Middle mouse button not recognised in games?!?!

    Reinstalled Win98 recently, and much to my surprise, the middle mouse button (plain Logitech serial mouse) doesn't work in games anymore.

    I tried deleting the mouse from the System menu in the Control Panel. It found a new mouse, correctly identified, but still a no go.

    Installed the latest Mouseware from Logitech, nope...

    I can assign keyboard keys to the middle button, but in that case, it ony works when I release the button... try the alternate fire in UT in those conditions, lots of fun I can tell thee...

    I know the button works, but if assigned at "Middle button" in the properties, games don't see it...

    Any suggestion?
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    There's a string you put in the registry to make it work, but i forgot what it is.

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