Samsung DVD SD-612
Previous Firmware - 0.3

*Downloaded (flashed through WinXP) firmware SD-612 v0.3u; DVD worked like usual
-Downloaded (flashed through WinXP) firmware SD-612b v0.5
-DVD light flashes once when computer turns on
-Light doesn't blink anymore after powering computer
-Tray doesn't operate
-System BIOS does not detect the DVD anymore nor does DOS, Windows XP, or the flashing utility in dos and windows. (sfdnw2k.exe, sfdndos.exe)

-Firmware is either corrupt or -wrong model-
The flash was very slow took about 5 minutes
(comparable to 1-2 minutes for the other flash)
-Seems to power off after initializing when system turns on (drive is inoperable)
-Unflashable in result to powering off**

>Is their any way to resolve this problem?
-Get it back in working condition
-Loading the appropriate firmware back on
>Is their any jumper settings to reset firmware?
>Do I possibly have to purchase a new (firmware) v0.3 EEPROM and replace the old chip with it?

Sent the same problem to Samsung tech-support, just seeing if anyone on this forum can shed light on this problem. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank-you for your time.