What's wrong with my serial ports
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Thread: What's wrong with my serial ports

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    What's wrong with my serial ports

    Oh well, it seems there's a cloud following me all week!
    My prob is that I think my ports (com1/2) failed because I've tried 3 mice but still doesn't work. I really have no idea what's wrong with it. I'm really THIS short of kicking this machine for I've got pending papers and I can't do it because of this stupid prob!
    And anyone who is familiar on interfacing a serial mouse to a PS/2 port? Any help will be appreciated
    BTW, I need help hurry!
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    System 1:
    Athlon XP [email protected](14x172MHz) cooled by Aero 7 Lite
    Jetway N2PAP-400 nForce2 mobo
    256 MB DDR333 Kingston
    Lite-On 48x24x48 (x16) DVDROM/CDRW Combo Drive
    Gainward Ultra-750X Ti4800SE 64MB DDR
    15" monitor
    ACS 45.1 speakers

    System 2:
    Pentium 3 [email protected] MHz(4.5*133 MHz)
    PC-Chips M748MR
    64 MB RAM
    48x CDROM Drive
    15" monitor
    Voodoo 3 2000 [email protected] MHz
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    i have seen serial to ps/2 port adapters around, i got one with a mouse i bought once.
    no idea where you can buy them seperately out your way though

    sorry to be of no more help.

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