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Thread: video/webcam conferencing stuff

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    video/webcam conferencing stuff

    Brother would like to talk to his gf who's away at school. We're running on cable and she's on the school's T1 (I'm guessing T1). My bro has an AMD 350MHz WIN98 machine with no USB ports while she's on a laptop with USB ports available. I've tried my parallel port Quickcam on that machine and it's horrendously slow. What about a PCI USB adapter card? Would that be USB speeds so we can buy a USB webcam?

    Anyway, we're using the Linksys router too so I don't know if we'll have to problems thru the firewalls (here or possibly her school's).

    So what's the best way for them to hook up video/chat so they can talk over the internet? What hardware should we get? Or so at least one of them can see the other?


    ------------------ (high bandwidth preferable)

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    IEEE 1394 (Firewire) would be faster than the USB but just about anything would be faster than making use of parallel.
    Test it out from a vendor with a good return/exchange policy.

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