AMR vs: PCI Modem ???
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Thread: AMR vs: PCI Modem ???

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    AMR vs: PCI Modem ???

    I just got a mainboard that has a AMR slot.
    My question is what are some of the differnces compared to say a winmodem.
    If theirs not much difference in performance I would use a AMR an save a PCI slot for something else. Any comments would be appeciated. THANKS.

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    Posted a response at your other POST.
    For additional note,
    I think it is safe to say that most members here detest AMRs and CNRs.

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    "I know nothing."

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    Stay away from AMR. Get a nice Actiontec PCI Call Waiting V92 modem w/hardware controller. Nothing is better, except for broadband.

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