CDRW media problem
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Thread: CDRW media problem

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    CDRW media problem

    I have found when using a rewritable disc for packet writing (abCD or Direct CD) after dragging and dropping many files (mostly photos) the disk either becoms unreadable (drive becomes inaccessable with that disk in it or errors when trying to access a file). If I reformat the disk for packet writing it will be ok again until it has about 190MB on it then it will fail again. I obviously lose data. I have had the problem with several brands (Sony, Memorex, Verbatim). Are these CDRW disks reliable for packet writing? Has anyone else had this experience. Thanks, Ken

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    I've not had a great deal of success with "random access" of CDRW. I've never had the problem you speak of but I've had a situation where I've spooled data to a packet formatted RW and reformatted my hard disk only to find I couldn't access the media because it had an ID conflict.

    I use 2 RWs for backups in a multi session format and delete the first one when I move to the second one and vice versa. At least I know it will read on all CDRW drives.

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