Modem disconnections with XP
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Thread: Modem disconnections with XP

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    Modem disconnections with XP

    My son replaced WindowsME with XP on his pc and since then we keep getting frequent random disconnections on the 56k modem. I say we because we are networked and use internet connection sharing. He thinks its the lower end modem / cpu combination (Celeron 333 with 64Meg pc100 memory) having difficulty because of XPs extra demands on resources. "Upgrade my computer dad!"

    Anyone have any thoughts or solutions?

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    It can vary.
    The XP is more or less an updated or more likely downdated Windows 2000.
    As such it is a resource hog, hardware and software wise.
    Double check to see if there are any updated drivers for the modem first.
    As for the requirements of the hardware,
    Gartner last review of recommended specifications for the Windows 2000 included were the use of a PII 400MHz processor and 128MB of system memory.
    Microsoft's own recommendation to AATPs were PIII 733MHz processor and 256MB of system memory.

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