Well isn't that just Great!
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Thread: Well isn't that just Great!

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    Well isn't that just Great!

    I can't believe it! I have had such rotten luck with CD-ROMs over the past few years that I finally got sick of it and bought what I thougth was the best and longest lasting drive out there a Kenwood 72x. Well after less than 6 months of use it just took a dump on me. No warnings no nothing! It isn't recognized my the system anymore and it wont even open the tray no access lights at boot up or nothing. I guess I get to find out what Kenwoods RMA service is like !

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    It seems that faster drives nowadays are less reliable due to the high speed it has to spin. I've experienced with my CD-ROM 2 years back that just eject the disc while it was spinning and the CD actually was spinning on the tray It was only an 18x at those times.

    I have bought a Asus 50X 2 months back and have to return to the seller due to a faulty hardware.
    KirlB, you're not the only one who's frustrated with this matter.


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    I have an old Plextor 4Plex that I got when it first came out about 5 years ago and its still working the same way it did from when I forst got it... you might want to try the Plextor brand but you're going to need a SCSI Card. Their drives are also quite expensive and with the stroke of uck you've had with your drives, it isn't likely that you'll take that chance.

    If it's any consolation, CD-ROM Drives are always the first thing to break when buying a new PC... soon, they'll be disposable.
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    As far as I know the Kenwood 72x doesn't realy work @ 72x but has 7 lasers so it should do 72/7 = +/- 10 speed.

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