Audio Catylist Problems :(
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Thread: Audio Catylist Problems :(

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    Audio Catylist Problems :(

    I have got probs in audio catylist
    when i used to rip .wav files from cd's and encode them to mp3 it used to rip @ about 16x on my dvd...
    now that i have installed my burner it only does 1x @ max! no more no less and it also starts to play the music... can someone please tell me how to make it rip faster and how to make the cd stop playing

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    Go into Device Manager and go into the properties for the cd-writer and turn off "Auto Insert Notification." Turning it off will prevent Windows from detecting the audio cd in the drive and will not load the cd player. The drive is playing while trying to extract audio at the same time, that's why it is extracting at a slow speed. What burner do you have?
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