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Thread: Zip or CDR writer

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    Zip or CDR writer

    Hi. Sorry if this is a very simple question. I am setting up a home office and it looks like I will be moving a lot of files, programs, etc. I'm thinking of either a CDR writer or Zip drive. Is there a very simple answer to which is better? Could someone point me to a comparison of pros and cons of each?

    Thank you.

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    The cd media can hold 650MB to 700MB per disc and cd re-writable (cd-rw) media can be erased and used again. Zip drives can hold up to 250MB per disk. I have not used a Zip drive before, so I cannot give you my opinion on these drives.

    CD Re-writable drives are inexpensive, depending on the model. Expect to pay on average, $100 and up, depending on the brand and writing speed of the drive. The cd-r media is much cheaper than zip disks. In my opinion, I would choose the cd-writer over the Zip format because of the low cost of the cd media and the amount of data a cd can store.

    Another solution to transfer data in your home office would be to network the computers so that they can communicate with each other. This would eliminate the need to use zip disks or cds to move data to different computers.
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    Another point to consider is that Zip drives (I have a Zip 100 parallel) aren't nearly as fast as current CDs either. I have a 4X2X20 CDRW, and it's plenty fast for transferring files. I'd go with the CD too, if you're against implementing a network. Seriously though, the network is far and away the best solution, and I think you'll find its not all that expensive. Hope this helps you decide.

    Oh yeah, your other computers will all need a UDF reader program to read CDRWs.

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    Not to mention you can make CD's for your stereo too. Try that with a zip drive

    For the record, erasable discs recorded with mastering software (Easy CD Creator, Nero, CDRWin, etc) do not require the UDF reader, as they are not UDF formatted, and some CDROM drives cannot read erasable discs no matter what you install on them.

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    One more point for CDR is that you can read them in almost any computer that has a CD-ROM drive. Zip discs you record can only be read in a computer that happens to have a Zip drive. To make it worse, 250Mb discs canít be read in the more common 100Mb drives.

    You donít say how far you will be moving the files. If you are going to be moving them from your office to your home office consider that you would just have to install the burner in the source machine and carry only the discs home. With a Zip you would have to transport an external unit back and forth unless your work computer already has a Zip.
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    I have both
    For small files and files you change regularly the zip works great because it's quicker and easier to use.
    For storing large amounts of data for backup you can't beat a CD Burner.
    Forget CD-RW's regualr CDR's are so cheap now it isn't worth the aggrivation.
    If I had to choose I would go CD burner.

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    The only good reason for buying a zip drive in this age of ultra cheap cd-rw drives is if you have to transfer files between machines that already have zip drives in place, and they are not networked together. Zip's were ok a few years ago, apart from "click of death" etc, lol, but know they just don't make sense. Like Chewie is from Endor and is not a Wookie.

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    I like both for different reasons. I'll go with the zip for storing program.exes because I think the media is more secure from scratches, spills etc. And I don't want to lose those programs. Its good for copying and moving files, like the old floppy but much more capacity.
    CD-RW bugs me that the disks aren't always compatible with players.


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