Help with printer problem please....
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Thread: Help with printer problem please....

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    Help with printer problem please....

    Hi guys,
    My problem is this, i have an abit kt7a raid mobo
    ive installed 2 different printers, and old epson lq870 i think that was the name, and now i have installed a epson stylus color 600, i have all the proper drivers and everything is plugged in, but when i try to print a test page, it says its offline, i cant get the printer to print anything. GRRR... really bothering me, could the board be defective?

    please help


    /\/\ethod /\/\an
    AMD Tbird 1ghz
    640 PC 133 set to CAS2
    20g baracuda
    Hercules 3d Prophet III
    Abit KT7a Raid

    /\/\ethod /\/\an

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    Check this page:

    Hope this helps.


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