Duron 600 MHz; Asus A7V; 196 MB RAM, Western Digital 5400 RPM 17.2 GB HD, When I used the Western Digital Hard Drive formatting software DLGEZ, and I used the Windows ME boot disk to run it, it partitioned my HD into 5 or 6 different 2 GB partitiions, each with a different Drive letter. So M: is my CD ROM drive, drive L had some system stuff on it etc. When I installed Windows ME on top of this, all went well, but now I have many more hard drives that I would want. Any Idea what gives with this? When I have used my windows 98 SE boot disk to wipe the drive with the DLGEZ, it just uses PHAT 32 (or whatever) partitions and gives me just one hard drive. I don't like this, but if it's the way windows ME is supposed to work, I can live with it.