I have an Iomega Zip CD 650 External USB CD-RW drive.
The problem is: when I installed this drive, the computer started to freeze, to show the famous blue screens every time, to restart radomly...(most of the time when it`s loading the Direct CD)
What`s the problem??? The computer was great before I install this drive...it looks like bad drivers or something....
please help me out...
oh, the machine is a AMD K6-2 500 on a Gigabyte board, by the way this happened on 2 machines!!!!

-Duron 800
-Asus A7V
-128mb PC133
-GeForce 2 MX
-Turtle Beach Santa Cruz audio
-Quantum 10gb UDMA33 HD
-Philips 4x4x32 CDRW
-Adaptec AHA-2940AU SCSI card
-Toshiba 32X SCSI CD-ROM
-Belkin USB hub