best CD-R for music
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Thread: best CD-R for music

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    best CD-R for music

    I just put a new Head Unit in my car that reads cd-r and cd-rw. Who makes the best CD's for music that i can get to burn my music on. i used to use regular cd-r's but i am disappointed with the way they come out. Thanks

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    If you are "disappointed with the way they come out", changing to the "for audio" discs will not help. They are the same discs as the data type, except they have been encoded to show the recorder that a royalty fee has been paid on the blank. Computer recorders do not check for the royalty code, so there's no reason to use them in a computer.

    What exactly does "disappointed with the way they come out" mean, anyway?

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    Hi !
    The best CDR for music that reads on many cd players and doesn't skip is: KODAK GOLD

    It plays on a very old cd player, and doesn't skip !!! I tried a RICOH SILVER, and SONY BLUE, but these skipped

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    I always use Gold CD's for music, and old CD-ROM's as they've got the strongest reflective properties.

    I also use the Kodak Gold CD's for such purposes for the same reasons

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    I use Kodak silver and it is great
    Memorex is very good also, I have been using them for about 2 years...never had a single problem...

    My stuff:
    Asus A7V + Duron 800
    128mb PC133
    GeForce 2 MX
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
    Quantum 10gb UDMA33 HD
    Philips 4x4x32 CDRW
    Adaptec AHA-2940AU SCSI
    Toshiba 32X SCSI CD-ROM
    Asus A7V + Duron 800@800
    256mb PC133 CAS2 memory
    Gainward GeForce 2 MX
    Santa Cruz audio
    Philips 4x4x32 CDRW
    Adaptec AHA-2940AU SCSI card
    Toshiba 32X SCSI CD-ROM

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