anyone got the Creative Labs CDRW 8438E??
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Thread: anyone got the Creative Labs CDRW 8438E??

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    anyone got the Creative Labs CDRW 8438E??

    does anyone have this CD burner and use it with Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.0 deluxe??

    does it work??
    my Adaptec Easy CD Creator wont recognize it

    please help
    thank you

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    256 meg PC133
    Leadtek GeForce2 GTS 32meg DDR
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    Gainward GF3 Ti200
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    SB Live! X-Gamer Audigy 5.1
    Cambridge DTT2200
    120GB WD 8mb 7200rpm HDD
    Pioneer 16x DVD
    LiteOn 24x burner
    3COM ext 56K

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    Make sure you have the latest (4.03a) update to Creator, as that is the first version to support the 8438.

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