Hello all!

I am in need of some suggestions on a "Great" SCSI Hardrive at a price of around $300.00. I currently have a Maxtor 20GB ATA 100 7200 RPM. (So Slow)

I have an Adaptec 2940 SCSI card that runs my Plextor 32X CD-Rom and my Plextor 4X 12X CD-R. Do you also suggest I purchase another SCSI card, Im sure they are much faster now days. If so what do you suggest?

Any and all help appreciated!

Thank you!

My system is:
Asus CUSL2-C Motherboard
Antec SX-840 Case W/Enermax EG451P-VE Power supply
256MB 1 dimm Crucial PC 133 CL2
Asus Gforce 32MB 4X DDR AGP Video Card
Sound blaster Live Sound Card

Thanks again!

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