Ecc ram VS. normal VS edo
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Thread: Ecc ram VS. normal VS edo

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    Ecc ram VS. normal VS edo

    What is the difference between them and which is better, I'm thinking about switching to Ecc because my MB supports it

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    . If you plan to use your PC for regular home, office, or gaming applications, you are better off with non-parity.

    ECC (Error Checking and Correcting) performs "double bit detection and single bit correction." This means that if you have a single bit memory error, the chipset and memory will find and repair the error on the fly without you knowing that it happened. If you have a double bit memory error, it will detect and report it. Using ECC decreases your PC's performance by about 2%. Current technology DRAM is very stable and memory errors are rare, so unless you have a need for ECC, you are better served with non-parity SDRAM.

    Taken from this FAQ:


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