Advansys ABP-930/40U Ultra SCSI Card and OC'ing...
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Thread: Advansys ABP-930/40U Ultra SCSI Card and OC'ing...

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    Advansys ABP-930/40U Ultra SCSI Card and OC'ing...

    Hi, I'm having trouble with my SCSI-card...
    It is very unstable. I get errormessages at bootup and such. Is it possible that my bus is too fast for it? I can't remember my bus speed right now, but I have an Abit BH6 with a celeronII 600MHz running at 656MHz at the moment... That should be ok, shouldn't it?

    I yanked the card out of my pc, along with the SCSI cable and my cdwriter and took it to work for a test. AMAZING, it worked like a charm... Something is fishy with my computer, and I haven't even had water in it yet...

    Base soldier of the Elfs, the Ranger flings lethal arrows to their enemies
    Base soldier of the Elfs, the Ranger flings lethal arrows to their enemies

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    Some links found for Support.
    I don't think bus speed is effecting SCSI card. Other hardware probably not effected by Bus speed of 72 mhz (656). The Max speed of ABP-930/40U couldn't find, Its gotta be atleast 133 mhz, Can get upto 200Mhz.
    Card working in one system, Not working in another system. Most troubles SCSI have are assigning ID # and Cable termination. The cable termination means every loose cable needs Termination. Basicaly have the last SCSI device on the end of the cable, not hooked in mid-cable. Check the Termination jumper on the hardware. Only have the last device terminated, Mid cable devices leave un-terminated.
    A cable that hooks to a device then continues on to nothing, will send a Signal to end of cable and get reflected back, like a wave hitting a wall. Unstability can be caused by this effect. So Have the Last SCSI device connected to end, with the device jumper set Terminated.
    Bootup errors on SCSI mostly a termination error. Not familar with Advansys ABP-930/40U BIOS. Check BIOS for anything there that is amis, or use Factory defaults. Customize from Defaults to make for best preformance.
    The Hardware connected to the SCSI card is cause of errors. Try connecting only the last terminating device. and test through bootup. Keep adding hardware until eror occures, see what it is about that hardware that causes it.
    regards Bronto

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