3Com Palm IIIe: Any negatives?
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Thread: 3Com Palm IIIe: Any negatives?

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    3Com Palm IIIe: Any negatives?

    Other than the fact that you cant increase the memory and cannot upgrade the OS

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    I am a former Palm IIIe user. I upgraded to a IIIxe cause I wanted the flash OS capability & more importantly more memory. A IIIe can be upgraded to 8mb by several 3rd party places for about $80. The 2mb just fills up quickly, especially when using stuff like Avantgo. The IIIxe will likely have OS 3.5.2 now which is the latest version. There are some mild improvements over 3.3 but nothing major. Palm is doing a $50 rebate on IIIxe's now so it's a good time to look into one if you're ready to upgrade. ($200 after rebate) Mine has been great & I carry it everywhere I go. I think the IIIxe is the best value in a new Palm out there at the moment. Plus it lasts about 2 weeks on a set of batteries for me. My next unit will have color & more memory but the IIIxe should last me at least another year. Hopefully by then new & better models will be out.

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