CDROM Keeps on Ejecting!!!
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Thread: CDROM Keeps on Ejecting!!!

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    CDROM Keeps on Ejecting!!!

    I NEED HELP!!! I've been helping my girlfriend to setup her computer, i'd never seen such troublesome computer before!!! She has soundcard problems previously (you might find it in the "Soundcard" forum).

    Now, guess what.... When I insert any CDs into her CDROM, it will eject automatically after attepmting to read the disc. I even tried it when I boot my computer (without entering Win98), the result is the same. :frown:

    WTF??!!! i am so fed up with her computer until I wanted to smash it!!!

    Why does this happen? She is using a Creative 52x InfraRed CDROM. I thought Creative manufactures good quality products, but this is a really bad experience as her soundcard is Creative Soundblaster Live!.

    Back to the question, how do i fix the CDROM? Do I need to send it for warranty replacement?

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    i had the same problem with my bros PC
    it was a i-stor CD-rom, some unknown makes i guess, same problem and need help too.
    SB sound card too!

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    Maybe it`s just a mechanical problem?

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    Here's an easy test for mechanical problems: unplug the CD-ROM from the IDE cable, but leave it powered up and try inserting a disk. If it's auto-ejecting now, it's a bad drive. If it has CD controls on it, try listening to an audio CD through the headphone jack.


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    Guy guys,
    I had this very same problem on my compaq cd drive. went to the store and told them. Its a ribbon problem. The cd rom is driven by ribbons inside and thats what is responsible for the mechanical motion.

    Have your cd rom drive checked for ribbon failure.


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    You're a few years too late on the reply.
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    lol well.. better late then never right?

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    LOL! These things always throw me off! I always fail to look at the dates of the replies!
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    Hey, I can fix that CD-ROM. Oh, am I to late? It's only been three years.

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    Did you mean electrical ribbon cables inside the cdrom, or drive belts?

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    Problem solved

    Well i had two faults rectified on my cd drive. The drive cables that are responsible for the sliding action of the drive were faulty and the lens had gone for a toss. On replacing both of these the cd drive is workin yay!!!!

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    You replaced the lense on the CDROM drive? With the drives being so cheap now a days, is it worth it ?

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    I beleive in recycling

    Well i had lens from a previous drive removed. Got it checked and found out its working fine though that drive had been all smashed in (dont ask me how..long story) .. so i played the good doctor and transplanted it on my current drive. The ribbons..i got them free.... so it was a breeze.

    Besides whats a guy to do if his gf decides to take a long "break".... hahahaha.. take care dude

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