I NEED HELP!!! I've been helping my girlfriend to setup her computer, i'd never seen such troublesome computer before!!! She has soundcard problems previously (you might find it in the "Soundcard" forum).

Now, guess what.... When I insert any CDs into her CDROM, it will eject automatically after attepmting to read the disc. I even tried it when I boot my computer (without entering Win98), the result is the same. :frown:

WTF??!!! i am so fed up with her computer until I wanted to smash it!!!

Why does this happen? She is using a Creative 52x InfraRed CDROM. I thought Creative manufactures good quality products, but this is a really bad experience as her soundcard is Creative Soundblaster Live!.

Back to the question, how do i fix the CDROM? Do I need to send it for warranty replacement?

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