A friend from work had a $9 winmodem, and got disconnected all the time. I had an older USR 33.6 hardware modem lying around, and sold it to them. They say they connect alot better now. (go figure)

The problem is, they have this weird "internal" voice mail built in thu the phone company. They way it works, is when you pick up the phone and hear the dial tone, it makes some distinct beeps, telling you that you have new voice mail, and you can dial in to check it.

When the modem hears these beeps, it comes up with a no dial tone error. If they clear their voice mail and get a normal dial tone, everything works great. Well, they don't want to have to clear it out everytime the want to connect to the internet. I guess this makes sense because there are different mail boxes set up for different people, in and out of the house at different times.

Is there an init string I can use that will allow the modem to pick up the line, but then wait maybe 5 seconds before looking for a dial tone? Im thinkin it could be a simple init string, but I have looked around and havent found anything. Aren't tildas or something delays? I know a few basic AT commands but couldn't get it to work.

Normally, I wouldnt care, but this person is really bothering me, and has even thought about asking for their money back. Its not my fault they have a wierd phone company.

Any help would be GREATLY appriciated.