hi, there are a lot of questions since i bought my tv tuner. First of all, I seem to have a problem running 3rd party software. I've downloaded and tried a lot of programs... but there's no sound. The only one that works is the ATI TV Player which came with my tv tuner, but it crashes so often i refuse to use it. Any idea as to why this is happening?
Another question, does anybody know why i can't use the ATI Multimedia Video driver wonder for capturing videos? The only one that works seems to be the "MSVIDEO: Booktree PCI Video Capture Driver". Whenever i try to select the ATI Multimedia Video driver it says
"AMC Peripheral not found.
AMC peripheral or cabling may be improperly installed"
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

AMD Athlon 600
36.5 GB Maxtor 5400rpm
Maxtrox G400 32Max Dualhead
52X Creative Labs
6/4/24 Ricoh
17" Viewsonice E771
Ati tv wonder