I have an HP Deskjet 810C. I moved it to USB because it doesn't work well with my parallel scanner, but I'm having the damndest time getting it to work in either Win2k or WindowsMe! I plugged it back into LPT1 and it's flawless there. But try as I might, I can't get it set up for USB. The first symptom is that no "USB device found" pops up when I plug it in... so the installer is useless ("If the New Hardware wizard doesn't pop up, your OS doesn't support USB. Install a new OS." ARGH!!!)

When screwing around, trying to get it to work "HP USB Deskjet Class" appeared as a device. So, I installed it. Now, it appears as an entire heiarchal class in Device Manager (on the same level as "Hard Disk Controllers" and "USB controllers") and I can't uninstall it. The property windows are blank. I've tried a couple ports; my USB mouse worked in those, so I know the ports themselves are good.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Asus A7V
Duron 650@850@1.80V