Monitor just did a strange thing...
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Thread: Monitor just did a strange thing...

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    Monitor just did a strange thing...

    My Monitor just started "clicking" and then poof it wont work anymore. It smells like it is burnt. It is a KDS vs-7 17 inch, do u guys think it is worth tryng to take it to a tv shop? Or should i just buy another one? If so give me good reccommendations on a good 17" that wont go bad in 2 years.

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    If you want to buy new one, then go for SONY!

    but frist give a try to this u said u it smells like burned...then i guess its 'flyback' which is no more working...... it can be fixed!

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    Your monitor is dead.

    It can be repaired... but it really isn't worth it...

    Get a ViewSonic.

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