An effective way to partition a 45GB HDD?????
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Thread: An effective way to partition a 45GB HDD?????

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    An effective way to partition a 45GB HDD?????

    How many logical drives?Their size?
    I'd appreciate your suggestions!

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    well, it depends on everyones need... as far as um concerned i have made 2 partitions of my 45GB hdd one primary dos partition of 50% and other extended partition of 50% (all 50% assigned to 1 logical drive)

    here is info about my drives

    Drive C: 18GB (18GB IBM , i have made only 1 partition)
    Drive D: 22GB (50% of 45GB)
    Drive E: 22GB (remaining 50% of 45GB)

    (windows detects my hdd as 44GB, its normal coz WD consider 1000KB as 1MB, but its 1024KB=1MB)

    i dont really like making more than 2 partitions of single drive

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    I would go with kashi80's suggestion. if you have at least two partitions you will have a drive to save things to in case you ever have to reload the OS. I partitioned my 30GB drive into two equil sized partitions and am real glad I did.
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