External vs. Internal Modem
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Thread: External vs. Internal Modem

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    External vs. Internal Modem

    Is there a difference between an external modem and an internal modem? I have a winmodem and would like to upgrade to a hardware based modem. I saw a modem blaster flash 56 (external) for 80 w/ 20 rebate, and an internal, same brand and features, for only 70, that would make the external cheaper by 10 bucks.

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    Both hardware modem models using the same chip so not a big difference.
    Perhaps a very slight improvement with external since it will have its' own power source versus obtaining it via the motherboard's ISA or PCI slot.
    You also don't get fancy lights in the internal model, if that matters to you.
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    In that case, Ill get the external modem. thanks

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