Laptop & Midi Connections- Help needed
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Thread: Laptop & Midi Connections- Help needed

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    Laptop & Midi Connections- Help needed

    Help! I am about to Purchase a Laptop, and want to connect my MUSICAL KEYBOARD to it Via MIDI. The only problem is, the Computer I use for My MIDI/Keyboard setup has a Connection to the Games port (joystick etc), and play may Midi keyboard through there...ok. Well the Laptop I want (and many others i see) don't seem to have midi ports on them (Joystick/games port) so where Do I connect the midi leads to?. there are Serial and Parelell ports, but My lead won't fit in them. Hope you can help.
    (9 pin for Serial, 25 for printer etc btw on the laptop... where as the Games port has 15 i believe).


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    you can find a pcmcia card adaptor for joystick/midi port on eBay for a pretty good price. Probably about the same price as the (overpriced) midi cable that you would also need if you don't have one already - ~$25

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