Installing print head
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Thread: Installing print head

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    Installing print head

    I need help (instructions) in removing and reinstalling a print head (black ink one)of an Epson inkjet printer, model Stylus Color II.

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    hey, i got an old printer like that in my garage somewhere....just for you, i turned that garage inside out looking for it.....and guess what? I FOUND THE MANUEL! no wonder your so confused....its so complicated....

    1. make sure the printer is turned on and press the pause button. the pause light comes on.

    2. open the printer cover by lifting the edges on both sides.

    3. Hold down the Alt button for about 5 seconds until the print head moves slightly left, to the ink cartridge install position, the pause light begins flashing.

    4. Raise the blue print head unit release lever as far as it will go.

    5. Grasp both sides of the print head unit and carefully lift it out of the printer. Place the unit on a flat, clean surface.

    6. Remove the other print head unit from the storage box by presssing the notch as shown.

    7. Carefully insert the print head unit into the printer with the elecrical contacts and the print head facing the back of the printer, as shown.

    8.When the print head unit is fully seated, press the blue lever down until it clicks into place.

    9. press the Alt button to return print head to its home position.

    10. Place the print head unit you removed in the storage box to protect tis delecate components.

    11.When the pause light stops flashing, press the pause button.

    12. Close the printer cover.
    hope this helps! good luck! (now i gotta find a way to put all the stuff back into the garage....)

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    MAC= Must Achieve Corruptness!

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