4.3GB installation in an old motherboard
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Thread: 4.3GB installation in an old motherboard

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    4.3GB installation in an old motherboard

    A friend received an old computer as a gift.
    It's a 486DX4 with 16mb RAM.
    It has a Soyo Motherboard.

    Bios date: 02/16/95
    Bios type: award modular bios v4.50g(with 2094 bug)
    Bios ID: 2A4IBS21
    Chipset: SiS 496 rev 49

    It has a HD of 1.0GB as Primary master.
    He wants to put a HD of 4.3GB as secondary master.
    The problem is that he cannot put a HD larger than 1081mb. If he configures correctly as it is described on the label, the bios will say that it's a 90mb drive!. I mean if he configures correctly the cylinders, heads, etc.
    He put this disk in a new motherboard and the bios recognize the drive as a 4.3 GB drive. So the disk is not broken.
    If he puts HD autodetection the same happens.
    If he enters to Windows 95 it will be recognized as a 3.2GB but in system properties it appears a message saying it's in compatibility mode.
    Is there a way to connect this disk without all these problems?
    This one is better...
    But in theory, remember, only in theory

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    What is the HD that you are trying to install?
    If you are experienced in BIOS, try to flash it with the latest version.

    Go to your HD manufacturer and download their disk manager software. Be sure to download the correct version for your HD. The disk manager will do the formatting plus setup the HD to be recognised by the computer to their full capacity. It will install a boot manager program into your HD and it will bypass your BIOS setup detection. In the BIOS, make sure that you put the option to Auto Detect and LBA mode.

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