HELP PLEASE! mouse withdrawal
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Thread: HELP PLEASE! mouse withdrawal

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    HELP PLEASE! mouse withdrawal

    So some time ago, when windows 98 booted up, i'd get a message sayin that it couldn't find a mouse, so i'd press ok and afterwards the mouse would be functional. Some time later, the mouse just stopped functioning at all at all times. I checked the serial port (it's a generic serial mouse with ms serial mouse drivers) for broken pins but i found everything to be alright. I've been looking for an answer, but i am stumped. I've even formatted my HD thinking it might be a software problem, but the mouse still doesn't work. The hardware doesn't seem to be a problem either.. so what could it be? as long as i remember, windows never used any dos drivers, because neither config.sys nor autoexec.bat mention mouse anywhere.. and it used to work fine just like taht... please any suggestions or ideas are appreciated thanks.

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    I faced the same problem before. Check your BIOS settings first, if ok just replace the mouse with a new one. It's probably faulty.
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    Yes, you should replace the mouse, maybe somthing new like PS/2 or USB.

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    Lol, good topic discription!!. I agree, retire yours and get a new one, Microsoft makes a good one for about $25.00 that is Serial and PS/2, Intellipoint(with wheeel).

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