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Thread: CD-RW

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    Dear Hardwarecentral
    For the file-images that I edit for hobby (my Sys Op is WIN98) I have begun to use cd re-writable (used like super floppy) exclusively with the program AHEAD IN-CD (ver. 1.3.152) for then masterize on normal cd the definitive versions.
    Until now it has gone all good but recently, while I was adding some files to the CD-RW, it is been jammed the computer with the message, (that it normally visualize in recording) "flushing cache" in a loop without end.
    I didn't can doing anything else other than reset all.

    After, i am not more been able to read the contained of the cd-rw (it was full for half around only) it visualize me only a readme.txt in which is warned that an operational system needs that supports the UDF lines ISO-13346 (but is installed already IN-CD!!) or (between the varied attempts) it visualize a screened BLUE crash of windows.
    I add that I don't have modified configurations absolutely and / or installed other programs before the crash and that the CD-RW was practically new and ri-formatted only 3 times always with the same IN-CD.
    1) Is possible recover the old files recorded before the crash?
    2) The disks recorded with IN-CD Ahead are legible also from other programs?
    I have tried to un-install and re-install IN-CD but without results.
    Give me any hope....
    I call from Italy.
    Thank you

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    There is a much newer InCD update. The new version is 1.3.164. Just go to and go to their download page. With InCD any PC with Windows 98/98SE/ME or Windows 2000 should be able to view the files on the CD-RW. Depending on the brand of CD-RW media you have the times you can write and re-write to a CD-RW is around 1,000 times on average.



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