Ram not displaying full ammount on post PLEASE HELP
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Thread: Ram not displaying full ammount on post PLEASE HELP

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    Ram not displaying full ammount on post PLEASE HELP

    I have 3 machines , 2 486's and a p200 which accept 72 pin ram , the p200 will accept edo

    i recently got 96 meg of ram off someone who upgraded thier motherboard, it worked ok in their computer but not in any of mine

    when i startup the machine, one perfoms the parity check 3 times and displayed 24 meg of ram

    the others just counted to either 20 or 12 no matter which way i put in the banks of ram

    there are 4 of them , 2 32s and 2 16s
    the 32 is lg semicon with a sticker saying gmm7322010c s 60 7322a

    the 16s are siemans and the actual memory chip has hyb514400bj-80 written on it and the board has 1036d lite on 20v0, no other markings

    How can i identify what kind of ram this is and whether it is my mother board which wont accept it

    Are there and reason anyone can think of this problem would occur?

    all my other ram works ok so its not a graphics card etc


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    486's tend to have dip switches on the motherboard for telling it how much RAM is in the system. Try tracking down the manuals for the allowable memory configurations.
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    Agree with Marko of Oz, also you might have an invalid combiation.

    To me sounds like the LG it's 60ns, some 486 won't work with that RAM speed.

    Try only putting the 2 16MB simms, might work, and BTW memory over 32MB in a 486 will not give you real performance gain.
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