Howdy !
Who can help me with the following problem ?

I've had a P150 Mhz - 32 MB with 3
HDD's...1 Quantum Bigfoot(6.4 GB) ,
1 Seagate (1.2 GB) & 1 Quantum Fireball (10.2 GB)
Because my old bios could not large drives , I used Quantum Ontrack-manager to access the Fireball HDD.
However , due some problems , and a crash...I had to re-format my C:\ drive (Bigfoot).

I also upgraded a little right away

I now have a P166 MMX , 128 MB...same HDD's.
Only I have the following problem....
The new bios can handle large drives...but whatever I do , I can not access the Fireball.
The Fireball is in the bios , and Windows '98
also does "see" it , but doesn't give a driveletter to it.

I tried to re-install the ontrack-manager to get access again maybe , but it tells me my
Fireball is empty ??? No partions ???
Easy Recovery shows me all the data on it ,
so I know it's still all there...

Is there anybody who knows how to "convert"
my Fireball to Fat 16 or Fat 32 ???
After uninstalling the ontrack-manager , I'm still having the annoying "blue banner" at start-up...anybody knows how to get rid of that thing ???

Greetings !

The DJ.