Is a 1284 cable really necessary?
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Thread: Is a 1284 cable really necessary?

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    Is a 1284 cable really necessary?

    I have an HP 682C--doc's say 1284 printer cable recommended, not required. This brings up a bigger issue. Most printers now require the 1284 cable, which is shielded with twisted pair wiring, right? Officemax sells a "shielded" cable for $11 but it doesn't say 1284. Can't I just use that? The real 1284's are $25-40. Typical new technology ripoff scheme--customer needs--customer pays through nose. Shielding and twisting a cable shouldn't double its price.

    Anyway back to topic. Will using the cheaper cable damage a printer asking for 1284? I get the feeling things are spelled out too vaguely by the manufacterers to scare everyone into buying 1284's.

    Thank you all.

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    You won't damage the printer; however, there are some subtle interactions between your computer and the printer that may not work, such as the printer not reporting an "out of paper" or "out of ink" condition, or falsely reporting such conditions. The best way around those is to disable bi-directional support if you don't have a compliant cable. That works *most* of the time. Good luck.
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