All my computers - same thing!!!
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Thread: All my computers - same thing!!!

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    All my computers - same thing!!!

    It's not a big deal but every computer I've had for the last 10 years buzz from the fans when I first turn it on. I don't mean hum. I mean, wake everyone up howling of a buzz. It dosn't happen every time, but when it does it last for a good 5 minutes. What the hell does this annoyence, tempature?

    Athlon 800mhz w/SD11 mobo
    128MB PC100 SDRAM
    Windows 2000 + 98
    Matrox G400 32MB AGP
    Guillemot Fortissimo sound card
    Maxtor 8.4gb +Fujitsu 10.4gb hard drives
    DVD Encore 6X w/Dxr3 decoder
    DV Studio Firewire card
    Motorola 56k modem
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    Home built:
    -Athlon 800mhz w/SD11 mobo
    -128MB PC100 SDRAM (Damn RAMBUS!!!)
    -Dual boot Windows 2K Pro & 98
    -Matrox G400 32MB AGP
    -Guillemot Fortissimo 3D sound card
    -Maxtor 8.4gb +Fujitsu 10.4gb hard drives
    -DVD Encore 6X w/Dxr3 decoder
    -DV Studio Firewire card
    -10/100mbps Ethernet Card w/Cable modem
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    Open your case and check to see if any cables are rubbing up against your CPU fan. If they are just buy some cheap cable ties (or use trash bag ties) to keep them out of the way. If the fans themselves are making noise repalce them.

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