I'm going to buy a huge bulk pack of CDRs for me and my friend. I have a 2-year old 2xW/2xRW/6xR CD-RW drive, and he just bought a 12xW/6xRW/36xR CD-RW drive. Different CDR Media have different Max. write speeds starting off with 1x and going up to something like 18x(is the highest I've seen). My question is, if I buy a bulk pack of 8x Compatible CDRs, will his 12x CD-RW drive be able to write to them, or will I need to buy 12x Compatible Media? I'm more concerned about price than I am speed, even though it's not that much of price difference...like $.10 more /CD for the 12x vs. the 8x.

Thanks for your time and help,

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