Fastrack 66 Raid Query
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Thread: Fastrack 66 Raid Query

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    Fastrack 66 Raid Query

    I have converted and installed my Promise raid card all seems to be well, reports just under 20 gig Raid 0+striping on boot up (2 x 10GB drives attached. Under W2000 device manager reports no problems, promise raid utility reports no problems - correct HD size. But when I get the properties of the raid drive in my computer it reports just under 10 GB ? Anyone else had this problem ???



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    I have the same thng here It's ok drive capacity is advertized with phisical capacity and your computer take the logical capacity. We can can say that's a kind of "legal" lie.

    HP7100 is crap!!! But I don't wanna give it up.
    HP7100 is crap!!! But I don't wanna give it up. I finally junked it and bought a YAMAHA 8424scsi. What a relief!

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