Ok I work at a computer company and get good deals on some products. That being said Iím looking for a new CD-R and have 4 choices.

#1 RICOH (6X4X24) SCSI#7060S (OEM)

#2 Yamaha (8X4X24X)SCSI #CRW8424S (OEM)

#3 CDRW-SONY (8X4X32X)SCSI #CRX140S (Retail)

#4 HP (8X4X32X) #9200i SCSI (Retail)

I know that Ricoh is highly praised around here but I would like the 8X unless there is a BIG Pro to the Ricoh. The Yamaha line has been very good (except a certain 4X IDE writer.) I havenít heard anything about the Sony. And the HP 9200i is the SCSI version of the well reviewed 9100.

Anybody had and luck (good or bad) with any of these drives?