Hi, I have purchased athe above modem about 6-7mths ago and was very happy with it's performance, but lately I am having a lot of problem using the modem.

I have difficulty to connect to the net - upon the first few times dialing to the ISP, I can get a connection, but after 5-10minutes, I will get disconnected & subsequent reconnection with give me an error message - "No Dial Tone". I have reinstall the drivers but the problem persist. I have check the phone lines - they are ok. I then brought the modem to my friend's place to test and the same problem occur. Thereafter I got out my old modem and connection was OK with it (it's a Thundercom 33.6k modem).

Pls help - do I need to send in the modem for service or is there any advise as to how I can get my modem to function as it was?

Thank you

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