BIG cdrom problem - very strange
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Thread: BIG cdrom problem - very strange

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    BIG cdrom problem - very strange

    Well my 3rd cdrom in 1.5 years has just died. But its not a normal death, it slowly occured in all three cd-roms.
    The main problem is that the cd's will not spin up, however it works sometimes and fails other times, the drives all show up in windows and are all detected at bootup but will not spin up any cd's.

    i have a 32x a 40x and a 50x All have the same problem(or very similar)
    I have opened up the 40x drive but couldnt see anything out of place. I figure it has to be mechanical (not electronic) as the drive is detected and all.

    Funny thing was that when i put it back together, it worked for a day or so before playing up again....

    has anyone else ever seen these symptoms??
    If so, email me cause i am desperate. I dont want to go and buy a new cdrom every 3 months...

    Rowan Gazzard

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    sounds like there could be a short on your ide slot if your using the secondary slot which i've seen enough times when they come into the store with hd and cdrom on ide 1 and then i try it and all sorts of problems with ide 2 usually i recommend a better board if new ribbon doesn't work or bios seems okay.
    after three cdrom's i'd start thinking mobo.
    if its 1.5 years old it probably didn't come with drivers unless mobo site has an update for it but i doubt that would do the trick.

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    i agree with rangeral, I used to have a jacked up Mobo that killed 2 CD drives that same exact way. the IDE Channel was screwy, so i just got a whole new upgrade, Mobo, CPU, RAM, CD-RW.

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