Hi, i've got a problem with floppy drives that is driving me completely insane. Hopefully someone here can help!
A while ago, i got adventurous and rebuilt my computer... However, when i'd put everything back, my floppy drive stopped working. The light stays on continuously. I've been told that this is a result of the ribbon cable being upside down, but i have since tried both the ribbon and power cables in every possible way and I still have the same problem, although the light is not as bright when i put the power cable a certain way. I've checked the BIOS and everything there seems OK, Drive A: is set to 3 1/2 " floppy drive.
I've tried using a different cable, a different drive, even a different computer and I always get the same problem, so i've either managed to wreck both disk drives, or both cables, or both computers, or I'm doing something wrong that is so painfully obvious i haven't noticed! Anyway i'd be hugely grateful if someone could help.

Thanks a lot