I'm really itching to get a dvd-rom drive along with some 5.1 speakers,
but I don't know what is present tech situation. I know that the Encore 6x
has been out for over a year now and the Encore 8x is almost the same as the
6x except it has a smaller software package and minimal cdrom speed
increase. The DTT2500 has also been out for over a year. I really want to
get these products but I am uneasy about purchasing something that might be
at the end of its shelf span. Pioneer already has 12x dvd drives out. When
is Creative going to catch up? And when are they going to upgrade their
dxr3 card? (maybe using something better than their overlay method?) A DTS
solution for their DTT2500 speakers would be nice too.
I am also looking for a quiet drive. Right now I have a generic NEC 40x
drive that came with my computer and it is LOUD. I purposely try and avoid
the drive by running all of my cds in the Creative 6.4.24 drive even though
it is slower. Is the Creative 8x dvd drive pretty quiet? Are there any better dvd drives out there that are quiet? Thanks.