CD-R or CD-RW advice!!
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Thread: CD-R or CD-RW advice!!

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    CD-R or CD-RW advice!!

    Hi all,

    I would like to get a CD burner, but have no idea where to start. I currently have a Kenwood 72X True X CD-ROM drive, and it flies. I would like to make music CD's as well as data CD's, back-ups, etc.

    I have seen some good things about the TDK drive, and HP always seems good. What would you all recommend? Also, is there a distinction between CD-R and CD-RW that I should be aware of?


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    HP makes good lower cost burners. Plextor is the best, but more expensive.

    A CDR drive will record only to CDR media, a CDRW drive will also record to CDRW media-- media that can be erased and written to again and again.

    I have a HP 8200i (4x)and it has always worked great for me. The 9100i's (8x)are also good.

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    Most of the best cd burners are plextor and yamaha. If you want a SCSI burner get the Plextor 12/4/32 cdrw drive. If you just want to stick with IDE then get the Plextor 8/4/32 CDRW Drive. the SCSI one is about $300 while the IDE is about $220

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