CDROM working last week, not this....
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Thread: CDROM working last week, not this....

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    CDROM working last week, not this....

    Hi guys,

    last week my samsung ide cdrom drive was working fine. It is an ide drive that is also attached to my sound card, it is set in the bios when detected as secondary master.
    in device manager the drive seems to be picked up okay (samsung scr-2431) and the driver is being picked up from c:\windows\inf\mscdrom.inf; which i believe is the generic windows store.

    all of a sudden the cdrom drive is not being detected by windows. when i click on it i get the message "d:\ is not accessible.
    the device is not ready" and then the cd drive clicks for a while!!!!

    any help will be appreciated. I have disconnected it internally and done the reboot thing, then reconnected it and booted up again, but it is still doing the same thing.

    Apple Mac iBook, G3 700 CPU, 640 MB Ram

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    Sounds like the nefarious white-cylinder of death. Crack open the top and spin that white cylinder. Thats what i have to do to get my cdrom to spin. Its like a broken record *PLAYER.

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