RealMagic Hollywood PLUS - How is the DVD quality and CPU usage?
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Thread: RealMagic Hollywood PLUS - How is the DVD quality and CPU usage?

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    RealMagic Hollywood PLUS - How is the DVD quality and CPU usage?

    What should i choose ATI Rage Fury with it's DVD or get a separate RealMagic Hollywood PLUS card? What about image quality comparision and CPU load?
    Thanks for any response!
    What's that?

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    That hollywood decoder is a bad boy. Picture quality is beautiful(depending on recorded settings)I've gone up to 1280X1024 w/out much cpu usage and it's suppose to give you resolutions of upto 1600X1280. Also has a TV/out w/out much hassle. It also gives you bunch of options such as dolby 5.1 sound if you've any use for such things. Check out for the cheapest price. Word of caution!!! GET a retail box. I bought a OEM and it didn't come w/ the cables. You need a vga pass thru cable to be able to play your DVD titles. After playing DvD titles on those slow software decoders I was pretty content w/ HOllywood. One bad part the hollywood is that it gulps up an IRQ. Under win9X right click my computer, click on properties, go to system resources and double click system, click the IRQ tab and see if you've got IRQ 10 or 9 available. I don't know nothing about the ATI card, all I can say is that it might be a cheaper deal if you're planning to replace both your vga card and get hardware dvd decoding in your system.

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    I bought a toshiba DVD with hollywood decoder card...its awesome. the software that enables you to play DVD's thru your decoder is among the best i have seen. You cant go wrong with this card.

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    I purchased the Hollywood plus card and a Toshiba DVD player two months ago. It's totally awesome. The best part for me was the price. I shopped around for DVD players, (the ones that look like a VCR) $300.00 was the best I could do. Shopping the internet I found the Toshiba DVD ROM for $52.00 and the Hollywood plus card for$79.00. The coolist thing about the card is the flexibility of input/output. I made a long S-Video and stereo cable , ran it to the back of my TV and was stunned at the picture and sound quality of my very inexpensive DVD player. Hollywood Plus has my vote. You could do a lot worse.

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    i want to use the hollywood+ without the loopthrough-cable only with the tv-output
    with windows2000. is that possible?
    do i havet to use then realmagic dvd-player oder can i use another dvd-player?
    ist the picture quality like that of an
    normal dvd-player? how ist the sound-quality (ac3)?

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    The hollywood plus is hot, the real magic players is the most stable I've seen, I surf and write in word while watching dvd on my TV.


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    Hmmm.. agree with this Hollywood fanatics.. since Im one of them, I have A nice Pioneer (cracked it with illegal crack, now I have regions free) 10x/40x, Real Magich Holl. + with an nice IR Remote Controll also.. heheh better than an ordinary DVD player...
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