Choppy DVD Playback +please help+
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Thread: Choppy DVD Playback +please help+

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    Choppy DVD Playback +please help+

    Okay everyone out there reading, here is my problem. I have a PIII 550 with 128 ram and the damm thing still plays choppy on playback. Here's some details.

    1)no system conflicts
    2)plenty of system resources before starting, 89 free
    3)to add to 2, no large prog running in the background
    4)using Hardware cinemaster 98 c-3.0
    5)running under 98 w/o second update
    6)viewing dvd under a quadrant player
    7)Here are my Sound and Video controllers:
    Altec lansing Multimedia USB speakers
    Cinemaster 3.0 WDM Main Driver
    Cinemaster C WDM DVD Driver
    STB TVPCI OEM FM WDW Audio Capture
    STB TVPCI OEM FM WDW Video Capture
    TBS Montego II PCI AUDIO

    Okay I also have a dvd decoder card but it's not listed in my device manager. Should it be? I'm really not sure what the prob is. It used to work fine and not it's just really choppy.

    Any help would be great.


    Okay I know that this is just the bare bones but does this bring to mind any ideas????

    Anything at all would be great.


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    - the DMA switch for your DVD drive is checked.
    - your decoder card should be listed under device manager. If the software isn't installed, install it.

    Hope this helps
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    Check the PIO setting on the drive in the BIOS set it up to 3 and see if that evens out the picture.


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